Vigilant Security Threat Audit

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“Vigilant’s free security threat audit was beyond impressive and delivered tremendous value. I took the results of Vigilant’s full forensic analysis, that went way beyond a typical and costly vulnerability scan, to my Chief Legal Officer and he was blown away.”

A current Vigilant customer in the investment real estate industry

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Full Forensic Investigation

We will conduct a full forensic investigation of one corporate site and up to 12 endpoints. You'll know if you have active threats in your environment.

Comprehensive Threat Report

You'll receive the Vigilant Security Threat Audit report detailing your vulnerabilities and how to fix them. We'll give you prioritized steps to take to eliminate threats and proactively protect yourself.

Custom Data Portal

You'll gain 5-day access to your 24x7 audit and security data via Vigilant’s Customer Portal. You’ll see in real-time what’s happening in your environment.

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Our audit observes, investigates and verifies the following:

  • Database access attempts
  • Review of DB connections
  • Remote Desktop access attempts
  • SSH Access Attempts
  • Inbound FTP connections
  • Review of connections and authentication of credentials in the clear
  • VPN Connections – specifically locations of access, single-factor detection and access control
  • Web Proxy Discovery
  • Outbound Connections
  • Communicating applications and vulnerabilities
  • Outdated OS communication
  • All communications in and out of your environment over time
  • Contact information and call escalation paths with your team
  • All connection traffic for the time frame since instillation
  • All alerts for the time frame our sensor has been fully operational
  • Perform a review and proactive hunts of data in your environment