CyberDNA® Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Identify, verify and eliminate threats inside your perimeter within minutes using Vigilant’s covert network of passive security sensors monitored by our 24/7 expert security team.

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CyberDNA® Provides Peace of Mind

“We have visibility across our entire infrastructure. We can monitor copiers, VoIP phones, personal devices, and client and teammate computers that competing NDR solutions can’t.”

Advanced Data Collection

The first step to security that works is data collection. The more you know, the more you can be secure. CyberDNA® collects 10x more data per capita than competitive market solutions.


Monitor the entrance and exit of your network with full packet capture. While most MDR market solutions only partially investigate data packets, CyberDNA™ continuously records a complete record of all network activity, including the actual packet payload, and provides a full accounting for everything happening inside your network.


CyberDNA™ is an out-of-band platform that operates independently of your network, which is critical if your network becomes compromised. CyberDNA™ is invisible to attackers, enabling customers to outmaneuver threats and shorten time to detection. When combined with surgical guidance from our hunt team and Vigilant’s inline Managed Endpoint Protection (an EDR solution), Vigilant provides the smart way to do security.


Many leading security solutions today are commoditized and therefore purchasable by hackers. They exploit open-source technology and capitalize on bugs. CyberDNA™’s proprietary technology is based on a distributed model. If your preventative security controls fail, it limits a threat actor's accessibility through decentralized detection and analysis.

Join the ranks of Vigilant customers and never experience data loss or a major incident again.

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Expert Data Analysis

7 million potential threats verified, and stopped, every day.

Proactive monitoring builds resilient cyber defense.

Identify. Analyze. Verify. Our GIAC-certified, experienced* security analysts in our world-class security operations centers (SOCs) perform a continuous process of identifying and responding to potential and active threats.

*Vigilant security analysts are able to perform work at all classification levels and have received DOJ CJIS certification.

Zero false positives builds confidence.

No false alarms. That’s our promise. Our Vigilant hunt team properly verifies each indicator of malicious presence to determine if it’s reliable.

Unlimited incident response with full network forensic analysis.

Never pay an Incident Response Retainer again. Vigilant’s CyberDNA uniquely offers a no cost retainer providing unlimited Forensic Incident Response Services applicable under the scope of the service.

*Incident response (IR) preparedness was the highest cost saver for businesses, with a $2M dollar difference between those that did and didn’t have IR in place (IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2020 report).

Real-Time Data Visualization

We deliver the intelligence you need when you need it through your very own customer data portal.

Real Time Threat Intel and Verification

See real time threat information including potential active threats, threat origins, as well as resolved and unresolved incidents. Gain real-time insight on what’s happening in your environment and visualize that your changes worked.

24/7 Vulnerability Awareness

Identify emerging and ongoing vulnerabilities in your environment, as well as what your team needs to do to reduce your risk and strengthen your security posture.

Compliance Monitoring

View suspicious activity in your environment, when software applications become out of date and which systems have violated compliance or policy.

Get a No-Cost Security Threat Audit

Experience what it’s like to be a Vigilant customer by receiving our industry-leading Vigilant Security Threat Audit.

At the end of our free 5-day security audit, you’ll receive:

  • A full forensic investigation. For one corporate site and up to 12 endpoints, our investigation will show if you have active threats in your environment.
  • 5-day data and audit access. You’ll get 24x7 audit and security data via Vigilant’s Customer Portal, which will show you what's happening in your environment in real-time.
  • A Security Threat Audit report. We’ll provide detailed information on your vulnerabilities and how to fix them. You’ll see prioritized steps to take to eliminate threats and proactively protect yourself.

“Vigilant’s free security threat audit delivered tremendous value. I took the results (that went way beyond a costly vulnerability scan) to my Chief Legal Officer and he was blown away. The implementation was beyond effortless and smooth, and the team became a true extension of my own.”